Exercises for tapered and toned legs

The mini-program to be performed at home every day to slim and firm the legs

The legs are stressed all day and yet often, despite healthy nutrition, it is difficult to lose weight at that point.

It happens because the leg muscles are powerful but if they are not stimulated enough and with the right intensity they tend to relax. The main enemy of the fat that accumulates on the legs is the acheter Clomiphene Citrate too sedentary life that we lead. Added to this are widespread problems that can make it difficult to dispose of the pads on the thighs. Among these:

— the hormonal variations that the woman undergoes throughout her life (puberty. Pregnancy and menopause) and which cause the accumulation of fat and the appearance of the much-hated cellulite from the calf to the thighs. This phenomenon is observed especially in women with a pear morphology.

— circulatory problems, responsible for the sensation of heavy legs, swollen legs, water retention, which favor the accumulation of fat that is difficult to eliminate.

What is the solution? In addition to drinking lots of water, regular physical activity is essential to develop muscle mass and stimulate lymphatic circulation.

Here is a training program for slender and tapered legs in 5 exercises: perform them every morning at home and, if you want to improve your work, use small weights to be applied to the ankle. For more toned legs, 15 minutes a day are enough.

1. Squats

Stand up straight, legs spread at the same width as your pelvis and hands on your hips, bend your legs 90 degrees, belly in, and rise.

For those who are trained: when you get back up, contract your buttocks and get on tiptoe. Belly in, try to stretch your neck as if a thread is pulling you towards the other. Hold the position for 10 seconds.

Repetitions: 20 times.

2. Lunge

Standing, right leg moved forward, hands-on-hips. Bend your right leg keeping your back straight and return to the starting position.

Repetitions: 20 times per leg.

3. Strengthening the legs

Stand up, lean your back against the wall and bring your feet 20 cm away. Slowly slide with your back until your legs are 90 degrees bent. Hold the position for 20 seconds.

Repetitions: 5 times.

4. The dancer

Belly in, legs closed and stretched, back straight, rotate the tips of the feet outwards so that the heels touch each other (second position of classical dance) and place your left hand against the wall or a chair. Bring your weight onto your left leg and lift your right leg in front of you making a small movement, without bending your torso. The leg on the ground remains taut and firm. Perform small flips and return to position. Do not move neither pelvis nor shoulders.

Tip: if you can, do the exercise in front of the mirror to check your belly and back position. Repetitions: do 10 small throws forward, 10 sideways and 10 backward, keeping leg and toes straight.

5. Stretching to stretch the quadriceps

Place your left hand on the wall and take the ankle with your right hand. Bring your upper body forward and gently push the heel towards the buttock. Do you feel the muscle pulling? It means that it is getting longer. Repetitions: hold the position for 20 seconds and then change legs.

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